How should my website look like?

We are here to answer that question and to help you become known online in a pleasant way.

In any direction you want to start your business, there is growing competition, so how differentiate yourself is extremely important to succeed.

If you ask the question "how should i show my site?", you should know that your website is your business card in the online environment. It should look a certain way to attract readers and to convert them as many in your customers.

We prepared a short list of things you could do for your site to look professional and attract more readers.


  • In terms of construction site graphics you might want to go with little and good.

When you want to build your site is good to choose your graphically template simple, without too many items or special effects, but which have an impact. Complicating the site with too many or too many effects will lead to a much slower loading. Also, a look like the rainbow will more confuse the reader rather than to focus on what they search the site.

  • The coloristic contrast rule is good to keep in mind.

We know you will be as expressive as you want and let you differentiate mask the reader, but this does not mean the site use all the colors you learned in school.

Simplicity in design is the golden rule! If a site can be present in an elegant manner and interesting to the reader, the more will stand out key elements such as button Join the newsletter or online ordering buttons or pages that are important.

It is good that the site rely on a regimen of up to 5 colors. You can choose similar color or two different colors for graphics, then combine another shade for website banners and apply a marked contrast for text. The text will always be different from the base color of the template, in order to reach and grab. 

  • Clean sites are the new fashion.

Whether the space between paragraphs, be it about the space between the graphics of the site, simplicity has something important to say. 

Did you know that readers have a certain way of looking on a page when you go online? It has been scientifically proven that they follow the page from top to bottom and from left to right, with slight variations.

Can look on your eyes moving unconscious form of M, Z and X. Given this, you placed strategically extremely important elements that should see them and let the reader quite airy site for him not to attack the reader with an avalanche of information. He will break from one context what draws him and what helps him, following later to take a final decision about your product or service.

  • Content is King!

Your website content is the most important. It must be drafted professionally, should focus on utility and persuading the reader.

Legibility is key here. Also, be careful of grammatical and spelling errors.

The text should he be compatible with the design of the site. Also, based on the text we must take care of this part of SEO. Text must be SEO friendly for indexing to be performed more easily, the site to be more professional and look in a really attractive way.

  • Navigation is key to success.

Rumors that a reader must be within 5 clicks of the ultimate goal which came on site. You must ensure that the navigation is easy and it leads the reader to the final step.